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The Future of Media is Creator-Led. Less Admin, More Engagement, Maximum Opportunity. 

Ingenius Studio OS is the easiest way for media companies to collaborate with creators, automate workflows, analyze campaigns, and increase outreach effortlessly with an all-in-one platform made to run the way you need it. 


The way you've been working isn't working.  Too often, genius is stifled due to the monotony of all the things that take place instead of creating.

Ingenius Studio OS helps agencies, brands, and creators optimize for their zone of genius through streamlined infrastructure, workflow mapping, and a tech-enabled operating system that maximizes your experience without limiting the opportunity.


Our patent-pending ad platform empowers marketers to finally unlock scalable, creator-led advertising. 

Track Your Total Universe In One Glance

Use Ingenius Studio OS to track your entire operational workflow from concept to execution. 

Manage And Optimize Your Entire Network

Keep track of your creator roster & brand contacts in one place (never use a spreadsheet again).  Streamline contracts, communication, and collaboration at the touch of a button. 

Increase Lifetime Value + Decrease Time Spent In Admin.

An embedded campaign manager designed to simplify complex processes, enabling better resource allocation, clearer communication, and enhanced campaign performance. 

Streamline Workflows 

Save time and resources

Ingenius automates repetitive tasks and provides actionable insights, saving you time and resources that can be reinvested into strategic initiatives.

Automate Manual Tasks

Stay in your zone of genius

Say goodbye to manual updates via google sheets and text messages; our all-in-one platform puts media companies in full control of their workflow with the touch of a button. 

Creator Management Scaled

Ingenius uses the same strategies of fully-scaled media companies to  automate manual tasks, optimize workflows, and put more money in your pockets faster. 

Ingenius by the numbers





Deals Tracked So Far

In New Revenue Opportunities Created

Tools & Subscriptions Replaced

Hrs Per Week/per team member Saved

On Avg. 

Efficiently manage and update all your creators' details, centralizing essential information for quick and easy access.

Creator Management

Streamline every step of your deal process, from initial outreach to final payment, ensuring smooth and transparent transactions.

Deal Flow 

Orchestrate project workflows with ease, from planning stages to content delivery, ensuring timely and organized execution.

Partnership Tracking

Keep a detailed track of income and expenditures, simplify invoice processing, and ensure financial clarity across all projects. 

Revenue Management

Effortlessly oversee and coordinate all aspects of your campaigns, from initial planning to execution, ensuring successful outcomes and streamlined management for every project.

Campaign Management

Seamlessly integrate and synchronize all your contractual agreements, ensuring consistent and up-to-date contract management across your talent and brand partnerships

Contract Syncing